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PHASE I: Plan DevelopmentFeasibility Study & Business Plan
Concept Development: Your vision & mission.
D&W INTERNATIONAL ’s team of marketing, design and operations experts will collaborate with you to envision the potential of your business. The Concept Development process documents your vision and mission and is the starting point to building a successful company brand that meets the needs of the marketplace.
Envisioning Process: Define your business.
An Envisioning Meeting is conducted utilizing a guided approach, coaching you through a process to discover the potential for the business’ vision and mission.
Program Components: What services will you offer?
The Program Components are identified during the Envisioning Meeting.
Concept Summary: Document your ideas.
The Envisioning process is summarized within a document that states the business’ Vision, Mission, Concept and Program Components. This initial Concept Summary also includes a list of the Primary Services that are contained within each Program Component selected.
During the Market Assessment the Concept and Program Components are reviewed as they align and/or differentiate the business within the Defined Market Area. If needed, adjustments are made to the Concept.
Market Assessment: Assess the Viability.
The ultimate goal of our Market Assessment is to be able to intelligently forecast sales for the first 5 years of operation. This is the foundation of the financial plan.
Target Markets: Who will buy your services & products?
Target Markets are identified by age, gender, household income and geography.
Consumer profiles and the corresponding assumed buying behavior for each Target Market is discussed and documented as needed in the Market Assessment.
Defined Market Area: Where will the business be located?
A general geography in which to locate the business is identified.Demographic analysis is utilized to test the drive-time population densities to determine which specific area is the best for site selection. The final area is reviewed with you and a decision is made on the Defined Market Area (DMA) that D&W INTERNATIONAL will use to conduct the Market Assessment.
Market Visit: D&W INTERNATIONAL gets to know your market.
A 2-3 day site visit of the market is conducted. During this site visit the following is completed: Review of competitive facilities, general tour of the area and visits to local tourism groups, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development groups (if deemed applicable).
Competitive Analysis: What is everyone else doing?
A Competitive Set is established and site visits to key competitors are conducted to review the facility, pricing, service offerings and amenities.
Sales Forecast: How much will I generate in sales?
A Sales Forecast by Program Component is presented that is based upon the analysis of the following information:
1.Size of market
2.Competitive environment
3.Concept alignment/points of differentiation
4.Industry data
5.Comparable operations
Space Allocation: How much space do I need?
The Space Allocation identifies:
1.The types of resources/rooms along with public and support areas based upon the Concept and Program of the proposed business.
2.The number of resources/rooms needed to achieve stabilized sales volume as identified in the Market Assessment.
3.The standard sizes for resources/rooms, public areas and support spaces.
4.The overall size of the facility.
Financial Pro Forma: When will I make a profit?
D&W INTERNATIONAL ’s Financial Pro Forma identifies the capital investment you must make in order to successfully launch your business. In addition, it is a financial road map identifying pricing, staffing, utilization levels and all of the metrics needed to measure the health of your business.
Capital Requirements: How much money do I need?
Capital requirements necessary to build, equip and open the proposed business are identified. The following costs are scheduled:
2.Furniture & Equipment
4.Working Capital
Pricing, Staffing & Revenues: How do I measure my business?
Detailed pricing; an estimate of utilization levels, along with staffing plans and relevant revenues for the proposed business in the first five operating years is presented in the Pro Forma.
Pro Forma Financial Statements: The future of my business.
A full set of financial projections including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow for the first 5 years of operations are illustrated.
Return on Investment Analysis: Is this a good investment?
D&W INTERNATIONAL will collaborate with you to identify the level of debt versus equity that you wish to contribute and then illustrate this in a Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis based on these assumptions.
Financial Assumptions: What does this all mean?
These are the assumptions that support the Financial Pro Forma and help to provide an understanding of the business model.
Business Plan: The roadmap to your business.
D&W INTERNATIONAL ’s team has completed over 100 business plans raising $75M dollars to launch spa companies.
Plan Summary: My business at a glance.
D&W INTERNATIONAL prepares a business plan that outlines the vision, mission and concept of the project as well as describes the marketplace, market strategy, organizational structure, and illustrates the financial position when the plan is implemented is.
PHASE II: Plan Implementation Designing, Staffing & Opening
Site Selection: What site is best for me?
One of the first and most important decisions is the site to locate your business. D&W INTERNATIONAL ’s years of experience significantly reduces the risk of locating your business in the wrong place and can potentially save you money during the lease negotiation.
Commercial Broker Selection
D&W INTERNATIONAL ’s team works with you to identify a Real Estate Broker with retail and commercial experience.
Site Selection Criteria
The criteria for site selection is identified allowing the Commercial Broker to work more efficiently.
Is criteria includes but is not limited to size, accessibility, visibility, rent rates, and complementary adjacencies.
Commercial Broker Collaboration
D&W INTERNATIONAL works with the Commercial Broker throughout the search to collaborate on identifying a possible site.
Site Selection Site-Visit
Once the final sites are identified an D&W INTERNATIONAL Representative completes a tour of the sites and a Site Selection Report is presented outlining strengths and weaknesses to facilitate a final decision.
Lease Review & Negotiation Support
The Business Terms of the lease are reviewed and recommendations offered. You are also supported through the negotiation of the Business Terms.
Please note: D&W INTERNATIONAL does not provide legal review of the site lease. Your attorney should review all lease documentation.
Building Design: How do I layout my spa?
The D&W INTERNATIONAL team has worked on over 50 spa design projects to produce interiors that are visually exciting and operationally efficient.
Conceptual Layout
D&W INTERNATIONAL works with our Interior Designer or our Clients to create a conceptual layout of the proposed facility.
Room Specifications
Architectural & design Information for the key areas of your spa is provided to your Architect.
Local Architect and Contractor Selection
Selection criteria guidelines are provided to identify an Architect and Contractor.
Design Support
A design teleconference meeting to introduce the Conceptual Layout and Room Specifications to the identified local Architect is conducted.
Post meeting, up to four hours of telephone support to the Architect/Designer to develop the Interior Design Scheme and Construction Documentation.
Services, Retail and Merchandising:What services and retail offerings are best for my spa?
D&W INTERNATIONAL develops a service menu that meets the needs of your market while maximizing the productivity of your business, thus providing you a better opportunity to increase profits
Service Offerings
D&W INTERNATIONAL develops and selects service offerings that reflect the concept and mission, including service names, descriptions and pricing.
Product Lines
Product lines that support the Service Offerings are identified and opening order quantities are provided for you to facilitate purchasing.
Equipment, Supplies & Inventory Specifications
Specifications are identified to support the Service Offerings and operate your facility.Opening order quantities are provided for you to facilitate purchasing.
D&W INTERNATIONAL provides your architect with recommendations for shelf placement and retail lighting.
In addition we work with you for proper display of your retail products.
Marketing, Sales, Promotion & Advertising: How do I promote my business?
D&W INTERNATIONAL combines its in-house experience and knowledge of great graphic design with strategic marketing to provide you with a sales and marketing package to penetrate your market at the highest possible level.
Brand Development
Naming: A name with descriptor that reflects the vision and mission is developed.D&W INTERNATIONAL designs your Logo.
Design Concept
A Design Concept that reflects the vision and mission of the business is created through the design of the home page and a sub page of the website.
This Design Concept identifies the logo, colors, type fonts, and images that will be used in all visual designs in the marketing package.
Marketing Plan and Budget
A first year marketing plan and promotions calendar is developed.
A detailed marketing budget is provided that coincides with the financial pro forma.
Marketing Handbook
A series of marketing guides and forms are provided (e.g. an opening event guide, community based marketing guide, public relations guide, and lead tracking form).
Sales System & Training Program
D&W INTERNATIONAL ’s program includes:
1.The D&W INTERNATIONAL Sales Manual.
2.D&W INTERNATIONAL GUEST Teleconference Training.
3.Feature and Benefits descriptions scripted for each service offering.
4.Two hours of telephone follow-up with the sales manager (or identified lead) for continued coaching and role play.
Website Design
Web design templates are presented for your selection.
Your logo, colors, type fonts, and images are applied to customize the template.
Web content is provided to you for your personal editing.
Static home page and sub page designs (electronic files) are forwarded to a web developer (web development fee is not included in this Agreement).
Corporate Collateral Package
The Design Concept is applied to the following:
Letterhead、Appointment Card、Envelope、Envelope、Pocket Folder、Menu of Services and Business Card
The Design Concept is applied to a Menu of Services that can be printed as a handout and presented on your website as a pdf.
Launch Campaign
The Design Concept is applied to the following:
One Black & White and One Color Advertisement
One Postcard
One In-location counter card and poster
One Radio ad script
One E-mail broadcast
Public Relations
Press Kit Template is provided for the following elements:
Company Backgrounder
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Launch Announcement
Management Systems and Information Technology: How do I operate my business, day-to-day?
The combined years of operational experience and knowledge within the D&W INTERNATIONAL team is delivered to you in a set of operating manuals that increases your operating effectiveness providing you a competitive advantage.
Service Protocols
Service Protocols & corresponding Client Forms are provided.
Standard Operating Procedures
Operating procedures for key functional areas of the business are provided in an editable format.
Template Employee Handbook
A sample employee handbook is provided in an editable format.
A recommendation of benefits is provided based upon industry and market norms.
D&W INTERNATIONAL recommends that your attorney review and modify this document based on your needs and state specific labor laws.
Software Systems Recommendation
A software system is recommended that supports the following Spa functions:
Reservations/Appointment Book
Point-of-Sale Operations
Retail Management
Employee Time Clock & Commissions
National Vendor Relationships: Can I save money working with D&W INTERNATIONAL?
D&W INTERNATIONAL has leveraged its long-standing relationships and reputation to negotiate national level discounts that are passed on directly to you.
Preferred Vendors
During the term of your Agreement with D&W INTERNATIONAL , your company has access to the D&W INTERNATIONAL Preferred Vendor Program which may include discounts and special service offerings on items such as: lasers, software, & supplies.
Negotiated preferred pricing and discounts are passed on directly to you.
Legal & Regulatory: How do I know who can perform what services?
D&W INTERNATIONAL is able to support you in identifying how the regulations within your state will impact your business.
Legal & Regulatory Review
During the term of this agreement D&W INTERNATIONAL is a resource to your Healthcare Attorney in regards to medical and spa legal and regulatory concerns.
D&W INTERNATIONAL does not provide legal services or opinion. We encourage you to have your attorney review all documents and information provided by D&W INTERNATIONAL concerning your state and local regulatory agencies.
Recruitment: How do I hire a successful team?
The success of your business is based upon the success of your team. D&W INTERNATIONAL works with you to identify the best possible management team your location will need to launch and implement your plan.
Job descriptions
Descriptions for key positions within the organization are provided.
Pay Rates
Pay rates based upon market data are provided for the key positions.
Interview Materials
Interview questions, to support the interview process are provided within the Standard Operating Procedure Manual.
Classified Advertising
Sample recruitment advertisements are provided.
Interview Support
Telephone interview management candidates and Medical Director (if applicable)
Training: Who trains my new hires?
Once you have hired the right team it is important to effectively train them. D&W INTERNATIONAL works with you and your management team to provide sales, marketing and operational knowledge that is necessary to run a smooth operation that meets its goals.
Training & Opening Support
Five days of management training and support is provided on-site and via teleconferencing. During this time the following functional areas of the business will be reviewed with management and the operating team:
Front Desk Operations
Sales and Marketing
Management Training
Appointment Book Management
Customer Service
Vendor Trainings
D&W INTERNATIONAL will support you in setting up vendor trainings i.e.
Retail product and service training
Training for each laser purchased
IT solution training- electronic / telephonic