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D&W INTERNATIONAL's 50/50 Special Offer
D&W INTERNATIONAL is so convinced that we can increase your sales by at least 50% we are willing to bet half our fee!
What is the 50/50 Program?
When a practice or medical spa signs up for D&W INTERNATIONAL's Business Boosting Program, they only pay 50% of the fee. If the D&W INTERNATIONAL team increases their business by 50% within 3 months, then they will pay the balance of 50% as a success fee.
Why such a Special Offer?
Essentially, we are betting on our track record. Due to the success of our Business Boosting Program, 80% of our clients have doubled their sales in the past 12 months; so we have decided to up the ante and share in the risk. Thus, the D&W INTERNATIONAL 50/50 program was born.
Where is the program available?
D&W INTERNATIONAL works with practices nationwide and abroad. We work exclusively with one practice in a market at a time, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
What does an D&W INTERNATIONAL Business Boosting Program include?
·Marketing & promotions plan with budget
·Ad campaign to support the marketing plan
·Sales training
·Competitive & demographic analysis
·High Impact Action Plan identifying tactics that have immediate effect on sales & profitability
·Business review & recommendations on marketing, operations & sales
·3 year sales forecast
·Website review & recommendations
·Educational seminar power point presentation
·Online project management portal
·2 site-visits
·Weekly coaching calls
·Not all locations are eligible, restrictions may apply.
Business Boosting Program: Increasing Sales & Profits for Your Business
This program is a business assessment with action plan for your company. The Scope of Work outlined in the Agreement takes between 8–12 weeks to implement.
The cornerstone to D&W INTERNATIONAL's success is our three pronged approach to boosting your business by utilizing our extensive expertise in marketing, sales and operations.
1.Implement a marketing program to drive leads
2.Build a sales system to capture and convert leads to clients
3.Insure the operation runs efficiently and effectively with a focus on quality clinical procedures and customer service to build repeat and referral business.
More specifically this program includes the following Scope of Work:
1.Market Assessment analyzing size of target audience and competition
2.Two month Marketing & Promotions Plan with budget
3.Marketing communications tools including:
·Print advertisement
·Point of purchase display
·E-broadcast template setup in the D&W INTERNATIONAL Lead Capture & E-broadcast System (training to use the system included)
(Design fees will be charged for additional marketing communication tools and/or production fees will be charged for customization of the above tools for multiple applications of the tools)
Website recommendations in accordance with D&W INTERNATIONAL's best practices
1.3 year Sales Forecast
2.PowerPoint presentation to support 1 in-house event.
3.Event Guide
4.D&W INTERNATIONAL representative onsite for 1.5 days to conduct sales training plus operations support or event facilitation
5.Sales training webinars (3) plus 1 one-on-one sales coaching call for live Q&A post webinar training.
6.Sales Training Materials
1.High Impact Action Plan identifying steps that will have an immediate affect on profitability plus implementation coaching
2.Business Review of your operation.
3.D&W INTERNATIONAL representative onsite for 1.5 days to conduct the operational and market review
4.An D&W INTERNATIONAL Client Portal accessible during the time you are working with D&W INTERNATIONAL . This internet portal provides you access to team contact information, file access for reports, plans and guides and project milestones and to-dos.
5.Access to D&W INTERNATIONAL's Preferred Vendor program during the time you are working with D&W INTERNATIONAL . The program includes a group of select vendors who offer D&W INTERNATIONAL clients preferred pricing and/or special service offerings.
Coaching teleconference calls:
·Call 1: Review and discussion of the High Impact Action Plan
·Call 2: Review and discussion of the Marketing & Promotions Plan
·Call 3 – 8: Implementation coaching including review of the action items concerning operations, marketing, and event planning if applicable.
Phased Implementation
We implement the above Scope of Work through a three phase process that takes approximately 8–12 weeks. D&W INTERNATIONAL's team of marketing, sales and operations experts work directly with your team to gather information, conduct analysis, report the findings and support the implementation of the plan.
Phase I (approximately 2 weeks)
1.Upon signing the Agreement D&W INTERNATIONAL forwards an Information Request List (IRL) and schedules a launch call.
2.The IRL is a series of questions concerning your business. In addition, the IRL requests copies of past financial statements, marketing materials and plans along with photographs of your location. All information must be submitted to D&W INTERNATIONAL no later than 2 weeks from the project start date.
3.A project launch call is held within 2–4 business days after the Agreement is signed to introduce team members, discuss how we communicate, and review next steps.
4.The D&W INTERNATIONAL Client Portal is setup post launch call.
5.D&W INTERNATIONAL conducts market research on the demographics and the competitors within the market.
6.D&W INTERNATIONAL conducts a review of your website.
7.During the first few weeks of the program, D&W INTERNATIONAL will touch base with you and your team on an as needed basis with questions and clarification concerning the IRL information.
Phase II (approximately 3 weeks)
1.D&W INTERNATIONAL conducts a 1.5 – 2 day site visit to assess your operation, the market and meet with the team. During this time a selection of competitive visits are conducted plus a review of the front desk, staff schedules, treatment room functions, retail program and technology is conducted.
2.D&W INTERNATIONAL reviews the IRL information along with the information gathered during the initial site visit.
3.D&W INTERNATIONAL reviews current and past marketing materials along with any results from your past marketing programs.
4.D&W INTERNATIONAL's team of operations and marketing professionals prepares a High Impact Action Plan with action items focused on having impact on the bottom line.
5.D&W INTERNATIONAL prepares your Marketing and Promotions Plan with budget.
6.The first scheduled conference call is held to review and discuss the High Impact Action Plan.
Phase III (approximately 5 weeks)
1.D&W INTERNATIONAL conducts the second scheduled conference call to review the Marketing and Promotions Plan with budget.
2.D&W INTERNATIONAL continues weekly conference calls (5) to guide you through the implementation of the Marketing and High Impact Action Plan.
3.D&W INTERNATIONAL provides marketing communication tools to Client to implement the Marketing Plan.
4.D&W INTERNATIONAL representative is onsite for 1.5 days to conduct sales training plus operations support or event facilitation.
5.D&W INTERNATIONAL conducts the final conference call to review the implementation progress and discuss next steps.